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Biblical EQ is designed to accomplish three main purposes

1. To help you to grow spiritually and emotionally and to have a sound biblical basis for understanding emotions.

2. To help you to develop leaders in your church or missions agency who are "stress resistant" and who can manage their emotions well and fulfil their calling as Christian leaders and witnesses of the gospel.

3. As a resource for Christian counsellors and qualified therapists seeking an integrated approach of biblical perspectives and the best secular techniques and understanding.



Biblical EQ is an exceptionally clear description of Biblical principles and the dynamics of their operation in human life. The clarity of the writing and the grasp of Biblical truth is well above other books in this field. It is hard to think of a book of this modest size as being exhaustive, but it is.

John D. Carter Ph.D.
(Psychologist, Author and Professor)

Biblical EQ Book

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Biblical EQ Emotional Intelligence Training Course - ten videos plus workbook, suitable for bible studies/ groups

Biblical EQ Seminar -John Edmiston can take a Biblical EQ seminar for your church or organization.

A 3-panel PDF brochure that you may print out and hand to others.

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BIBLICAL EQ develops wisdom of heart and mind along Scriptural Christ-centered guidelines and also assists you in developing a mature Spirit-filled perspective on your life.

The practical exercises and deep insights will help you to "get unstuck" from persistent issues.

As you develop a more biblical belief system you will be able to conquer fear, anger and awkward reactions.

You will also be able to handle the stresses and conflicts of life and ministry, and be a better Christian leader.

EQ is emotional intelligence - the capacity to be wise and masterful - both emotionally and relationally.

Biblical EQ is the godly and wise management of emotions and is a key skill in Christian living and in serving God effectively.

Biblical EQ explores the possibility of Jesus being our model for Christian emotionality and what that means for our own self-understanding, emotional healing, personal mastery and for our day to day living.

This book was originally written to help Christian workers master the emotional stresses and strains of missionary service but is relevant to all Christians.

It is written from an evangelical/charismatic perspective that takes Scripture as the basis for all its conclusions. It also incorporates some secular knowledge that is "Christian compatible".

Why Do I Need Emotional Intelligence?

  1. According to Daniel Goleman 85% of career success (among people starting out in the same profession) is not due to IQ (intellect) but to EQ (emotional intelligence, ability to read people, life and situations)
  2. EQ helps us to be not just smart - but also wise.
  3. A lot of Christian growth involves the use of emotional wisdom and discernment.

Does My Church/ Organization Need Biblical EQ?