Biblical EQ - Emotional Intelligence For Christians

A Biblical EQ Seminar comes in two versions. The full seminar is 10 sessions and the brief seminar is 6 sessions.  Each session should be 90 minutes or so to allow for questions.


John Edmiston lives in the Los Angeles area and can easily travel anywhere in the USA.


TIME: The 6 session brief seminar is Friday night + Saturday,  the 10 session full seminar is Friday night + all day Saturday + Sunday afternoon.


COST: Economy airfares, modest accommodation and a love offering for John Edmiston should be covered by the host church. If the church has 30 people attend and $30- $40 per person that should easily cover these costs.


See contact details below.

  Seminar  Session Topics (Full Seminar)


  1. Jesus And Our Emotions
  2. The Role Of The Holy Spirit
  3. Great Saints vs. Carnal Christians.
  4. Correcting Our Perceptions
  5. The Thoughts And Intents Of The Heart
  6. The Learning Organization
  7. Emotions And Our Physiology
  8. The Masterful Mind
  9. Naming And Evaluating Emotions
  10. Christian Social Skills

Contact:   John Edmiston

P.O Box 40 Rhoadesville, VA 22542   Ph: +1 310-844-6948